Energy efficient

Sustainable lighting, a new light culture

. To maintain good health it is necessary for the circadian system to function correctly. Light is the main synchroniser of the circadian system and therefore, it is important that day is day and night is night, which implies making proper use of lighting both inside buildings and outdoors, and respecting a minimum number of hours of darkness.

Typical indoor lighting levels during daylight hours, while sufficient to ensure visual performance, are significantly lower than those found in the natural environment.

On the other hand, at night, both indoors and outdoors, artificial lighting levels are significantly higher than the natural levels to which our biology is evolutionarily adapted. Healthy lighting should therefore seek to restore the day-night contrast.

The experts of the IEC working group recommend accompanying the dissemination of LED technology with actions to promote a new light culture that avoids the tendencies to excess that are so deeply rooted in our society, so that resource savings can be effectively achieved through LED lighting while limiting light pollution. LEDs can be a great ally here if they are combined with suitable control systems for regulating the luminous flux and suitable optical systems for each application.

Sustainable lighting

. For some time now, there has been a progressive shift in our homes towards sustainable and more coherent lighting. The change from incandescent bulbs, whose greater workload produced heat instead of light, has gradually mutated towards lighting that is now increasingly found in all homes, namely dimmable halogen and LED. (The latter will soon be replacing the former).

This type of sustainable lighting, as well as being less tiring for the eyes, is more efficient, saving up to 80% less energy and its operation is similar to that of a fluorescent lamp, which is therefore also being replaced.

In addition, these lights, depending on the orientation of the doorway, for example, will be switched on when they are needed, especially if the place has natural lighting during certain hours of the day, making light unnecessary until it starts to get dark.
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