Sustainable Platforms

Sustainability and Sustainability

against planned obsolescence

The world of the 21st century will be sustainable or it will not be.
Solutions will be local with a global vocation.
Our company G3eiS was born in Alicante (Spain) with a worldwide vocation.

We offer Sustainable Solutions in products, audits and services. We have reinvented ourselves. We come from afar and our option is local sustainability with global ambition.

G3eiS (Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Group of Companies) with site in Alicante, factories in Shenzhen, Haining and Canyada de Biar, logistic units in Banyeres de Mariola and Caudete and Platforms in Spain, Europe and the Americas, has located the emblematic platform of its division division Beta Sustainability (Bioergasy Sistemas Sostenibles) in the Spanish city of Alicante, at 38, Pablo Iglesias Street. Pablo Iglesias, 38.

We put our experience and know-how at the service of global sustainability.

The world of the 21st century will be sustainable or it will not be.

From Beta Sustainability we have set ourselves a Sustainable and Sustainable roadmap to make present and future sustainable technologies available to the user.

We are a group of companies with 50 years of sustainable and energy-efficient track record in the market. Our products are leaders in functionality and longevity.

Until now we have lived in a world of planned obsolescence and rampant resource consumption. The market has not been interested in sustainable engineering because of the long life cycles of sustainable products. Today, it is an imperative that the planet is demanding of us.

In order to fulfil this purpose, our technological and digital commitment is global. We sincerely believe that one of our main pillars to achieve this is training and information for users and consumers.

From Beta Sustainability we want to give the opportunity to all entrepreneurs, business people and end users to continue the evident energy line marked at all levels by countries, governments and any type of community that wants to persist in time and environment.

With this aim in mind, we have created this Sustainability and Sustainability Launch Platform in the form of franchiser. Our solutions are local with a global vocation. Interested? Ask us for more information, we are here to help you.

We need a sustainable world. Let's make it happen, together.

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    In our DNA

    Bio Sustainable Systems

    The energy management of the future is already a reality. In our group, we have been working every day for 50 years to offer you our products and to make them increasingly competitive, sustainable and global.

    We are celebrating 50 years of creating sustainable and sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life for our customers around the world. Our value proposition is designed, developed and based on the needs and interests of our customers as a bastion against the programmed obsolescence that prevails in the market.

    Our products are based on three fundamental pillars: Sustainability, Sustainability and Energy Efficiency.

    Bio Sustainability and Sustainability

    Our brands, the road to energy efficiency

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